Friday, January 13, 2012

CD Review: Tim Duncan Solo Project

Let Your Fingers Do the Walkin’ (Through the Pages of God’s Word) - This is a medium-fast song, starting out the CD.  This is far from the strongest track, but it’s not particularly bad.  The backup singer (yes, that word is supposed to be in the singular), which I assume is Taranda Greene since she’s the only female vocalist that’s listed, is a little annoying.  I first listened to this song in the car, and thought that interference was somehow coming through the radio and playing along with the CD.  That’s how out of place she sounded.  After I realized that her voice was indeed playing from the CD, I could see how her voice fit in with the music, but her backup singing wasn’t a huge asset to the track.

Strong Hand - This is one of my favorite songs on this solo project.  It’s a soft, slow ballad.  Ryan Seaton joins Tim near the end as well as another vocalist which I can’t identify.

I’ve Never Heard a Real Love Song - Average track, with Taranda Greene helping with the chorus.  Is it just me, or does her voice here resemble Brian Free’s?

He Came Back - This is one of my favorite fast songs from this CD.  It’s not set at an extremely fast pace, but does have a slightly accelerated tempo.  I’m not sure why it‘s one of my favorites, because the lyrics aren’t incredibly profound.  But I do like the harmony, and I like the tune.

Dearest Friend I’ve Ever Had - This is one the fastest song on this album.  It’s unique because several of the backup singers, including Ryan Seaton (who takes the lead for most of the song), make up a quartet with Tim.  His voice actually isn’t that noticeable throughout much of the song, as he steps down to fill the role of a traditional quartet bass singer.

Take My Hand Precious Lord - Tim tells the story of the songwriter of this song, Thomas Dorsey, and how his wife had died giving birth to a baby who had also passed away.  As he tells the story, the piano plays softly in the background.  This proves to be the only instrument that accompanies for the song.  I love hearing Tim’s deep bass voice when he’s talking, so this track is a treat.  :)

I Will Be There - One question immediately comes to mind when you listen to this song: IS THAT TIM???  At first I thought it was one of the backup singers, perhaps Ron Fairchild or one of the others.  But one of my friends told me that, it was indeed, Tim Duncan.  For a bass singer, he sang this song extremely high.  I personally think he sounds better as a bass, but he didn’t do a horrible job when covering a higher range.  He sounds more like a CCM artist that a traditional Southern Gospel vocalist though.

It seems that a lot of the former and current members of Signature Sound have made their own solo CDs.  Ryan Seaton has a project titled The Stage Is Bare.  Last year Doug Anderson made Dreamin’ Wide Awake.  Ernie Haase has, I believe, several older CDs.  And now Tim Duncan.  This is the first album we’ve heard from Tim, and he didn't do a bad job with it.

Looking at the CD cover leaves much to be desired.  It’s a flimsy cardboard case. (you know, kind of like the ones that the Collingsworth Family uses, and the Triumphant Quartet on Songs From the Heart, except that those are a little sturdier and have more flaps inside)  The graphic design is horrible, and the pictures are pretty bad.  It gets better though, when you take a listen to the music.

The music style that’s used throughout the whole CD is old country/old Southern Gospel.  None of the songs are progressive or rocky.  The style Tim uses is very traditional, which is a big contrast to, say, Dreamin’ Wide Awake.

I personally, don’t think I would buy this CD.  I don’t usually care for solo CDs.  I prefer quartets, trios or family groups.  This project is a little too traditional for me.  There are no progressive songs, no modern country flavored songs, no jazzy tracks, and no modern Southern Gospel styles.  While I do enjoy some traditional Southern Gospel, I think I’d rather hear the Cathedrals cover this style.

CD Rating: 3 stars
Favorite Songs: “Strong Hand,” “He Came Back”

Song List: Let Your Fingers Do the Walking, A Strong Hand, God Called Me to Sing, I Cannot Hide From God, He Came Back, I've Never Heard A Real Love Song, I Will Be Here, Lead Me to the Jordan, The Dearest Friend, Take My Hand Precious Lord

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