Thursday, May 10, 2012

CD Review: Greg Howlett "Portraits of Hope"

Song Reviews:
“To God Be the Glory” starts the project out relatively fast, though it does slow down once in a while to highlight the piano.  Greg plays some fancy runs, but for the majority of the song stays relatively simple.  One feature of this song, that doesn’t appear on every track, is a choir that accompanies the instrumentation through parts of the hymn.

“The Savior Is Waiting” is a thoughtful, slow song.  The orchestration isn’t hugely complex.  Soft strings and violins are the main accompaniment.  The piano part isn’t that complex either.  It stays pretty basic, which is fine.  It’s a pretty song.

“Heaven Came Down” is a fun song that’s more “jazzy” than most of the other tracks.  Again, strings, for the most part, complement the piano.